3 Things To Do If You Can’t Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement!

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It is a common goal of many people to kick off retirement without any debt. And this debt could include a mortgage! If you buy a home at an early age- say the 20s or 30s, theirs is a huge chance to pay off the debts by the time of retirement. But when you buy a home later in life, say in your 45s- it could take a decade of payments by the time your career comes to an end!

If you’re approaching your retirement period still with the debt burdening your shoulders, we got you! Here is to list of things to do to pace out your situation!

#1. Don’t be alarmed

It can be a great deal to have mortgage debt in retirement. But there is no need to panic over it. In fact, the mortgage is probably the healthiest kind of all other loans. It not only helps you own your home, but you may also be able to deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage through tax returns you receive after paying off your tax. Not sure about how to find unclaimed tax refunds? Visit UnclaimedTaxRefunds.com!

#2. See if you can refinance

If you’re about to enter your retirement period with several years left on your mortgage, refinancing can make it less expensive! When you refinance, you will be able to switch over your existing mortgage for a new one with terms that works the best for you! If you have a mortgage with a 7% interest rate, lowering it to a 4-5% rate will lower your monthly payments.

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#3. Get on a tight budget

When you’re too worried about managing your mortgage payments during retirement, the smartest thing to do is to set up a budget that covers your expenses, like food, housing, healthcare, and transportation. Grab gift cards to save your money on all your purchases!

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