Build Your Credit with Extra Debit Card!

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If you lack a credit history or have poor credit, building your credit with Extra Debit Card is one of the best ways to build or rebuild your credit. The Extra Debit Card is offering cardholders an opportunity to build credit history & earn reward points, similar to a credit card.

Extra Debit Card Perks!

  1. Build Your credit history: At the end of every month, purchases made using your Extra debit Card are tallied up and reported to three credit bureaus to help build your credit history.
  2. Monitor your credit score: Get an intuitive experience to help you understand your credit score, what contributes to it, and how you can improve it.
  3. Earn points for every purchase: Instantly earn points for every purchase you make. Get points for rideshare, coffee, or even paying your phone bill.
  4. Exclusive access to Extra Shops: Find your new favorite thing, get cashback and even donate to trending charitable causes in our expertly curated, members-only rewards store.

What’s is the difference?

How Does it Work?

  1. Connect your bank account – Extra will give you a spending limit based on your bank balance with no credit check.
  2. You can use your Extra Debit Card immediately for purchases When you swipe your Extra Card, they will spot you for that purchase and automatically pay themselves back the next business day.
  3. Report your transactions to the three major credit bureaus At the end of the month, Extra will total up all of your transactions and report them to credit bureaus as credit-worthy payments.

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