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Have been working hard and ready to buy a house? It is necessary to determine your ability to get a home loan before you start looking at houses or even before talking with any estate realtors. If you got a home-buying goal, then find the best mortgage rates through MortgageCitizen.com and learn here about the simple steps to get pre-approved for a home mortgage!

What is a mortgage?

 A mortgage is a legal agreement between a mortgage lender and a borrower. The lender provides the money to the borrower to purchase a home or any real estate and, in exchange, the borrower agrees to pay the loan along with the interest. Usually, the mortgage loan is secured by the borrower’s home, which could be reposed by the lender, on failing to repay the loan.

Simple steps to get preapproved for a home mortgage!

If you’re ready to put your money into a house, the experts say that a preapproval letter, or its less intense version, a prequalification letter is essential to prove your ability to pay the sellers and to secure a loan, especially when you’re a first-time home purchaser. Here are the few things to consider before reaching a bank for a preapproval letter:

1.  Check out your credit report

Check your credit report with the scores from three major credit reporting bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If your credit score is lesser than the minimum credit score of 620, don’t worry! You may still get a guaranteed loan from a government-backed agency like the Veteran’s Administration or Federal Housing Authority.

2. Analyze whether you’re ready to buy a home

It is always better to analyze what you can afford! You should make sure to ask the lenders about the process, as each lender could have set their criteria. If you require an initial idea of what you can afford, a prequalification letter can be a good choice.

3. Do your research

Use different online tools like mortgage rate comparisons, home loan calculators to gather information on different prices and to calculate your monthly payments before contacting a lender. This could help you to build confidence throughout the process and motivate the lender to favor you a home loan.

4. Choose the type of home loan that fits you

Need a low down payment mortgage program? Want to avoid mortgage insurance? Knowing your real estate and financial goals helps you to pick the right type of home loans for your need. The choice of your mortgage loan could be Conventional loans (loans that aren’t insured by the government), FHA loans (home loans insured by Federal Housing Administration and provided by approved FHA-lenders), and VA loans (loans backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).

5. Gather all your financial documents

For any pre-approvals, lenders perform a ‘high credit inquiry’ to check your ability to pay for a loan. They check your credit, verify your tax returns, pay stubs, and employment status from your employer. Also, the lenders try to evaluate your other assets, debts to calculate your debt ratios. So when you’re reaching a lender, gather all your financial documents to smoothen the process.

 6. Consider your budgets in detail

Just because you qualify for a certain mortgage doesn’t mean you need to buy a home in that price range. Consider your monthly and long-term budgets in detail, allowing you to enjoy your life and not just live for your house.

7. Once you’re approved, don’t make any immediate financial moves 

As the pandemic is ruling over our current financial situation, it is a must to be aware of every single financial move. It could be buying a new car, going for a vacation, buying a set of new furniture for your home on credit. These kinds of purchases in this situation can be a red flag towards your home loans even if you’re paying off your credit card debt!

Get your Free Mortgage Quote!

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When you’re looking for a mortgage option to buy a property, getting a pre-approval might fasten your loan process, as it entails assurance and trust. However, you must have a clear decision and exact plans as preapprovals are typically valid only for 60 to 90 days! To get a prior idea about the mortgage rates and the lenders, get your free quote from MortgageCititzen.com!

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